Telecontrol systems


All the device alarms can be connected together and all the alarms and the values are collected from a single equipment, called TELEMASTER, then, depending on the configuration, the alarms may be visible on the unit itself, on the LAN via a normal web browser, on Internet, and can be mirrored  on other TELEMASTER units.

We offer also a SMS unit to send SMS to mobile phones.


To complete the range we provide a software that runs on PCs, to display the whole system state on one or more graphical synoptics.

This software may work together with the TELEMASTER unit for a more complete epresentation of the system (with no need of wiring with alarm devices), or may work alone without it (but then the PC must  be wired to all the devices).

In case of need, for interfacing the whole alarm system to other control systems, we offer some translator or we can develop special ones.